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Only Bad News Are Good News?

The daily news experience and also studies show that the news media do have a clearly negative bias. On the other hand, positive news and a solution oriented approach would have a positive impact on psychological wellbeing and motivation. That's why for instance "constructive journalism" is on the rise.

"But the world is bad and getting worse!"

Really? Is that so? Just think about being severly sick a few centuries ago - going to a dentist wasn't even funny a few decades ago! And narcosis, to name another medical example, wasn't invented until the 19th century. You could also think about being within one of the many barbaric wars that happend, or about being affected by extreme poverty or famine. But also looking at your surroundings might make you doubt if going backwards is really a good idea: would you like to live without your mobile phone or laptop? Or without modern aircraft bringing you to the beach, dozens of times more securly than in the last century?

You're right...

...though, that it's important to not look away from bad things happening. There's people suffering and in need of help or more social justice, there are dangerous or simply old-fashioned technologies in use that could and should be replaced by newer ones, brutal dictatorships are still present in many countries or democracies are at risk by power-hungry politicians, and so on and so forth.

That's why...

...the aim of this news site is to show both negative, as well as corresponding positive news, constructively accompanied by solutions that can (oftentimes easily for sure) be applied by individuals, companies and / or politicians.