What you as a politician can do

  • Renewable Energy: Foster the use of renewable energy, for instance when it comes to households, transport or the industry. It will make your country more independent and it will save you money in the long run. It will keep your conscience clean and offer your country a comparative advantage in the long run.
  • Electric Cars: Foster the use of electric cars as it will help you a lot to achieve cleaner air, healthier people and lower CO2 emissions. It will also help you to stay innovative, modern and competitive.
  • Sustainable Energy Mix: When deciding on your energy production mix, don't just have short-term yields and costs in mind. Also think of long-term costs such as environmental, health or disposal costs, like through carbon emissions, particulate matter, nuclear radiation or nuclear waste. On the other hand side, the switch to renewable energy might mean higher investment costs in the beginning, but much lower direct and indirect costs in the medium or long run.
  • Positive Tipping Points: Consider the chance of positive tipping points and timely invest in positive and unavoidable changes (like towards renewable energy and zero-emission vehicles). Even if they mean additional costs in the short run, they can save you a lot of money in the short, medium or long run, besides preparing yourself and your surrounding for a better future.