While negative climate tipping points tend to frighten and frustrate us, some researchers have recently raised hope and motivation by pointing the focus on so called "positive climate tipping points". They address the issue of social or technological changes that at a certain point become advantageous by themselves (without subsidies or extra-effort) not only for the climate, but also economically, environmentally and socially, i.e. sustainably. Norway, for instance, fostered the usage of electric cars politically very strongly, raising the sales share of combined EVs to 90% in 2023 (cp. Wikipedia). Once prices are easily affordable, the infrastrucure is there, and the electric cars work very well while at the same time without polluting living areas and its natural surroundings, at some (positive tipping) point there are not enough reasons anymore to go back to combustion engine cars. The individual and collective gains are higher than before, while at the same time saving the climate. Another practical example of a surpassed positive tipping point will hopefully soon be renewable energies. Once we manage to efficiently use enough naturally given energy (for ex. by wind or the sun), we won't need old-fashioned energy sources like fossile fules or nuclear power anymore that pose many risks not only for the climate, but also for our health (for ex. by particulate matter or the very realistic risk of a nuclear disaster - think of Chernobyl or, more recently, Fukushima, to name just 2 examples) and for future generations (for ex. by the unsolved problem of how to safely store nuclear waste for hundreds of thousands of years). Read more from a trustworthy source