Remember last summer? Remember forests burning and nights being too hot to sleep? Single events are no scientific proof of global warming and its consequences yet, for sure, as they can randomly come and go. But apart from our individual experiences over many years, thousands of capable scientists from all over the world have collected a lot of clear evidence over many decades for human-caused climate change.

While we and the media often mainly talk about carbon dioxide as the main problem arising from the burning of fossile fules etc., it's also important to think about particulates arising from it. "Particulates are the most harmful form (other than ultra-fines) of air pollution due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs and brain from the blood streams, causing health problems including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and premature death." (Wikipedia)

So preventing unbearable heat, environmental disasters or too much dependence on limited energy sources are not the only good reasons for best possibly reducing carbon emissions. But as science shows, atmospheric CO2 concentrations and temperatures are still on the rise (cp. Wikipedia).

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